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This was supposed to be my last blog post  before hitting the platform on Saturday but instead, it's a recovery update. It's  been 16 days since my car accident and 17 days since my last training session. I suffered a severe lower back strain and whiplash. The whiplash subsided after a few days but the back strain is still lingering. I've missed some work as my job as a carpenter is quite physical at times but I have markedly improved and should be back to the work grind full time.  As for  training, 17 days feels like a month. I haven't taken this many days off in over two years. I do take a week off here and there to recover from over training and just give my joints a break. Even then I will stretch and do light cable work. Usually that is planned. This was not planned.  This. Sucks.

I have been to my primary care doctor where we had new x-rays compared to my old ones and it doesn't look like anything has shifted but I still need to visit sports medicine and a spinal specialist to make sure. I have also been to my chiropractor who practices a specialized technique called Active Release Therapy or ART. This was the most important tool used in recovering from my broken back and I try to go regularly to keep everything in check. I have been relying on ART coupled with physical therapy when needed as well as stretching and rehab exercises over the last few years.  These methods haven't failed me yet. If you're an athlete of any sort and have back issues I highly recommend giving ART a try. 

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I was advised by my doctor not to squat, deadlift or anything similar for 4-6 weeks and my chiropractor concurs. I have a follow up tomorrow and I'm hoping to get cleared for at least some upper body stuff and lower body isolation movements. I will take whatever they give me. I am experiencing a noticeable drop in energy since I haven't been able to train but, I try to always listen to my doctor. Either way I'm sure I'll be back in the gym soon enough squatting and deadlifting as usual. If you want to stay in the game as long as you can, patience is a virtue. As long as it may take to get strong again, if you have an injury it only takes a couple of bad decisions to destroy all your hard work and go a long way backwards. The last time I didn't listen to the doctor I had to take two years off all heavy leg and back training. No squats. No deadlifts. So I'll take a few more weeks off the heavy stuff and recover properly if that's what it takes.

Okay,  now enough about my boring ass recovery story. I'll be fine. Hopefully I'll have some training footage soon! The real excitement this week is that we have another Saisei sportsman competing in the meet this weekend! My friend and often my training partner, Saisei Sports co-founder, Nick Lefebvre will be competing in his first full meet and he has seen significant increases in his squat and Deadlift over the last 8-9 months. As bummed as I am about having to sit this one out I am stoked to see Nick compete! Once again thanks for following along with my journey and supporting Saisei Sports! To anyone else competing in Westbrook, ME this weekend, good luck! Until next week live large, train hard, and get #REKT!