So, last week if you read my blog you know that I was in a car accident. If you have been following, yes this happened 6 days after puncturing my palm and spraining my wrist.  I was turning into my driveway when I was rear ended. I'm not sure how fast the other guy was going but I was all but stopped and the speed limit there is about 30-35 mph. I was glad I had my seat belt on, which kept me from hitting the windshield but I did get whiplash and strained my lower back severely. I have had issues with my back in the past including a broken vertebrae and two herniated discs. This strain could be worse as I was able to go back to work after a couple of days which I am grateful for. In the morning and at night I have been really stiff and experiencing considerable pain. I get up extra early to stretch in the morning, stretching before bed and have also been applying heat therapy and taking ibuprofen. Doctors orders are no squats or deadlifts for 4-6 weeks and continue to follow up with my chiropractor and sports medicine specialist.

So this is not something I can just "train through the pain" on,at least not without causing more damage. Believe me, I have definitely competed with some injuries. probably some that I shouldn't have. However, after I broke my back, I missed 6 weeks of work and had to take a two year hiatus from heavy squats and deadlifts. Even worse, it forced me to sport chicken legs at the beach for a couple of summers, which I wouldn't wish on my worst enemy! Hahahaha but, seriously, not funny.

So, now I obviously have to drop out of the meet on May 6th, that I've been training for  5 months to compete in. I was looking to pull my heaviest deadlift ever and getting damn close to my 500 lb. triple bodyweight goal. Worst of all it was going to be my first full meet in 10 years and the opportunity to compete alongside my fellow Saisei Sportsmen and teammates Nick and Nick. FUCK! I am not going to tough it out and compete just to have a weak performance or worse hurt myself more seriously or both. The reason I have been able to make forward progress in spite of some serious injuries throughout my time training and competing is because I've learned the difference between when it's  okay to suck it up and keep going and when to pause, recover and train progressively back to my previous abnormal strength levels. 

Okay, so that's about the extent of bitching and feeling sorry for myself I'm Going to do. Positive perspective time. This injury, though it is painful and inconvenient,  could have been much worse. I am very well versed in how to recover from this type of injury and it won't stop me from meeting my strength goals for this year. I've got more time for homework and writing some other articles and blogs for the website. My next meet will be an RPS sanctioned push pull in August which our good friend and fellow sporstman MIke Lawrence will be putting on along with our help! We are excited about this and some other events coming up this year that we will share with you in the coming months. I will be blogging on my recovery from this injury in detail which I hope will be helpful to some other lifters with back injuries. I still have a lot of goals to accomplish and milestones to pass. I've got plenty of years left and I'm only getting stronger as I get older! Can't stop. Won't stop. Longevity in the sport is necessary for progressas well as good health and therefore paramount to all other considerations. What ever keeps me in the game is what I'll continue to do because you can't get better if you can't play

So please keep checking our website, instagram and Facebook for more great content from myself and the other Saisei Sportsman. To all of you supporting our cause in the strength and physique sports community thank you! We really appreciate the business , the involvement and the positive feedback! Train hard, live large and get #REKT!!!