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Polling your opinions on bodybuilding community and camaraderie

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Full Name
We're talking your whole life, here; from the first time you started anything that looked like bodybuilding or lifting.
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Your opinions on the state of bodybuilding camaraderie and community. *
Your opinions on the state of bodybuilding camaraderie and community.
We're just trying to gather data, so frank honesty is more important than any sort of "right answer." Your opinion is what matters.
There are great things you get from competitive bodybuilding that you just can't get from non-competitive bodybuilding.
Some of the best parts of bodybuilding get overlooked, forgotten, or just totally ignored by competitive bodybuilding organizations.
The primary attitude in competitive bodybuilding is generous; bodybuilding environments inspire sharing, teamwork and camaraderie over personal gains or wins.
The process of competitive bodybuilding is currently too cluttered. There's too many classes, too many awards, etc.
The judging standards in competitions tend to be esoteric and vague. It's hard for a competitor or spectator to understand the standards.
Competitors need to find more ways to support one another directly.
Social media has been mainly a positive influence on the quality of attitudes within and around competitive bodybuilding.
Maybe these questions triggered some thoughts or opinions you want us to know. It's not at all required, but if it fleshes out your answers, we're all ears!