2017 APF Maine State Powerlifting Championships

This past weekend I had the opportunity to compete in my first full powerlifting meet. I have been preparing for this meet over the last few months, and it has been especially challenging doing so alongside the launch of the Saisei Sports community.  But having already competed in a push-pull meet last August and after attending a few powerlifting meets as a spectator I had a basic understanding of what to expect.

Or so I thought.

In reality, I underestimated how intimidated I would be to step on the platform in front of a group of people. After a botched third attempt on squats, I began to settle in. I went into that meet with the expectation that I would walk away with at least a 1500b total. After my failed squat attempt, doubt really started to creep in. I knew a few of the other competitors there and my desire for them to do well really helped me stay out of my head and maintain a positive mindset. Thanks to this, I managed to pull through with big PRs in the bench and deadlift.

For me, this meet was initially about welcoming a new challenge. I had a desire to compete outside of bodybuilding. In my preparation for this meet, powerlifting has become more than just that. The atmosphere at every meet I have attended is supportive, everyone gets excited about cheering each other on in their quest to achieve whatever personal goals they may have set out, whether it is to break a record or just finish the meet.