The SHOW THEM tank top

The SHOW THEM tank top


Talk is cheap.  Hype is easy.  The hard work is what it's about.  Don't waste time telling them you're dedicated to success.  Show them.

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The idea of instant success is made popular in our media-driven world.  Because we can see ideas of success instantly online, many foolishly believe that success should come easily to them.  But we know better.  We know that success isn;t about claims and hype, it is about hard work.  And hard work shows.

That is why we at Saisei Sports believe in the "show them, don't tell them" philosophy of success.  Don;t get hung up on whether you have an audience, just focus ion the work, and your success will show.  

If you agree with us, you will want to wear our new "SHOW THEM" tanktop.  Super soft Gildan® brand cotton wears well, with the iconic "SHOW THEM" lettering on the front, and the Saisei Sports logo lettering across the rear shoulders.

Are you bigger than the sizes we've listed?  First off: that's awesome!  Second off, contact us for a special request.  (Some fees may apply, but we want to see you big lifters in our gear, so we'll make it happen!)