The Saisei Sports Wing Stringer Tanktop

The Saisei Sports Wing Stringer Tanktop


The classic look of bodybuilding meets the iconic Saisei Sports message.

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Bodybuilding is an aesthetic pursuit.  And, as such, the saisei message fits in with those ideals.  Saisei means taking what you have and using it to make things better.  And that is exactly what the classic stringer tanktop style does for a well-built physique; it takes the amazing shape you've created and presents it at it's flattering best.

We emblazoned our iconic phoenix wing on the front of a classic cotton stringer tanktop, with our Saisei Sports lettering across the back.  Perfect for the gym (back day will never be the same), or just for those hot days when you want to make a statement that you have achieved more with your work.