The Saisei Sports Wing Tee

The Saisei Sports Wing Tee


The Saisei Sports phoenix wing says you are truly saisei about your work.  You take what you have sincerely and use it to create success.

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We chose the phoenix as our mascot because it emulates the idea of "saisei." Saisei means, loosely, recreating something better using what you have that is already good.  The myth of the phoenix captures the spirit idea, while bringing in the element of fire – which we can all use in our bodybuilding and strength progress.

Our wing logo has become shorthand for the Saisei Sports message.  Not only does it connect to an awesome concept, but it also looks damn cool.  Which is why we emblazoned it proudly on the front of a high-quality Gildan® cotton shirt, with our Saisei Sports lettering across the back.  Wear it proudly in either black or our signature purple.

Are you bigger than the sizes we've listed?  First off: that's awesome!  Second off, contact us for a special request.  (Some fees may apply, but we want to see you big lifters in our gear, so we'll make it happen!)