We always try to take our best and recreate it even better.
You could say Saisei isn't just an idea.  
It's our whole way of living.

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Managerial compass.
Obsessive perfectionist.
Master meme maker.

Saisei Sports was my vision.  I've always loved bodybuilding and strength sports and revere the "larger than life" quality of it's athletes.  Saisei Sports is my way of combining these passions with my creativity and ambitious attitude.

I am driven to always find the next improvement, whether it is addressing a flaw or advancing a goal.  Much of my life is centered on personal integrity and a work ethic I inherited from my father, which makes the building-it-from-nothing endeavor of Saisei Sports an incredible journey.  I truly believe we make the world a better place when we strive to be our very best, unto ourselves, first and foremost.  This is a principle I hope to imbue within the greater Saisei Sports philosophy.

I'm fascinated by fast cars and unique builds, and have an appetite for memes that some may find obsessive.  My competitive endeavors will continue with the growth of Saisei Sports, as will my interest in blowing up Mike & Elias' phone with gifs. 



Experienced competitor
Idea generator.
Commonsense dispenser.

Greatness is there for anyone who wants to pursue it diligently.  That's what Saisei Sports represents to me. 

I'm passionate about picturing something that others can't see, and then bringing it into reality through hard work.  It's a knack that has always guided me, from my career in construction  to my engineering degree.  Now I'm putting this talent to use for Saisei Sports.

Bringing Saisei Sports to life is on par with my accomplishments with holding regional titles in powerlifting and winning my class in bodybuilding at the Arnold.  Bodybuilding and strength have played a grounding role in my life for over two decades, so it thrills me to begin contributing back to the sports that have been anchors for so long.

Over two decades long to be exact.  That's more years and more competitions than Nick and Elias combined.  But hey, who's counting, right?




Number cruncher.
Motivation magnet.
Despiser of mornings.

I love helping shed light shed on darkness and confusion.   Which is why I was excited to be part of the creation of Saisei Sports. While I'll use my knack for numbers and dealmaking, I am mostly excited to see Saisei Sports become a voice of clarity in an unnecessarily cluttered supplement industry.

Family bonds are deeply important to me, and this value is why I want to see the communities around bodybuilding and strength sports grow more cohesive through efforts of education and clarity of principle.  I am glad Saisei Sports is being started with a careful eye to our connection with the lifting communities.

I'm an avid car enthusiast, and may or may not be an influence on Nick's own automotive passions.  I also hate mornings and have been known to sing 80's hair metal in the shower sometimes, but Mike and Nick have yet to pick up this habit from me.



Like hype, but don't live hype.

We founded Saisei Sports with he idea that the simplest parts of gym life are not only the most enjoyable, but are also the most important.  In the media we see all sorts of hyped up ideas about muscle-building lifestyles, and while we always got motivated and inspired by that hype, we know that the best work we do is not focused on "insta-fame" or "brand imagery."  Our best work was done when we put the hype aside and focused on our work ethic and the resources we had before us.  

Our hope and plan is to have Saisei Sports not only change the supplement game, but improve the integrity of the bodybuilding and strength sports as whole.  Right now, industry standards seem low, and this trickles into the competitive communities as well.  A lot of people are solely out make a lot of money with mediocre products and dubious intentions, without thinking ahead tot he further of the sports they impact.  This sucks.  And we want to change it by being a more upright and ethical organization with our eye always on integrity.

Saisei Sports' success will change the industry standards.  We will build bodybuilding and strength communities, networking the amazing people who are driven to achieving success and improvement.

Saisei Sports will strive to bring a fourth dimension of philosophical fulfillment to the fitness and strength community alongside the pursuit of improvement in all areas.


These are lofty goals.  But they are not hype.  They are purposes for getting up, getting to work, and staying on task.  And we're grateful you're part of our journey.








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